No Oil Stains - No Pressure Washing - No Problem!

Oil stains aren’t just a slip and fall hazard they are unsightly! Oil stained concrete is among the most prevalent eyesores found at c-stores and retail fuel stations. Worse yet… it can be costly to remove and thousands of new drops are left behind every month. EXIMO Waterless concrete cleaner is more than just a surface cleaner, it saves time and money over alternative methods because the microbes in EXIMO actually consume the oil and breakdown the hydrocarbons into harmless water and gasses. Which means it cleans better than pressure washing because it works deep into the pores of concrete, restoring its original luster and clean appearance. The best part though... it’s super easy to use! Simply apply the product and sweep it over the concrete... That’s it! Once the product is applied -- you're done! What You Will Need Steps
  • Ensure area is dry and free of trash or debris.
  • Using provided scoop, apply EXIMO directly to oil spot. 1/4 cup will cover up to 55 sq. ft., the average size of one (1) fuel lane or one (1) parking space.
  • Keeping broom in contact with surface, sweep product forward and backward across the oil spot.
  • Next, sweep perpendicular across the initial line until product is fully dispersed. Applying the correct amount of product should leave no excess - if excess remains, continue sweeping until product is fully dispersed.
  • Oil stains are removed within 4-6 weeks. Re-apply weekly to prevent future staining.
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