At CAF, sustainability isn't just a buzz-word, it's intertwined with how we operate. From the ingredients in our products to the recycling bins at our individual desks, we are committed to doing our business the green way with our customers, our operations and our community.


Our customers take sustainability seriously. In 2017 alone, we worked with our customers to conserve:

Gallons of Water Saved

1) Based on average pressure washing volume

Saved in Tons of CO

2) Based on average freight emissions

Plastic Containers Saved

3) 14,286,652 plastic containers saved. Average container length ~1 foot


Crude oil Con

4) Crude oil conserved by using OTIS, ORUS, and AERIS

Our Products

When you're cleaning outdoors - the ingredients you use matter! CAF products are engineered to reduce harsh chemical footprints in the environment. Our cleaning products contain ingredients designs to be safe, biodegradable and are derived from natural materials.


Bioremediation is the naturally occurring process where very small living organisms called microbes break down contaminants. The microbes are then able to consume the broken-down contaminants like oil and diesel as a source of food and energy. As a by-product of the digestion process, microbes release water, carbon dioxide and other non-harmful amino acids.


CAF products such as EXIMO® and FORO® are time driven solutions to remove oil and fuel stains on concrete and asphalt as shown in the example above.


CAF is all about reducing the environmental footprint. We are giving back to our community by helping to keep our roads free of debris and garbage for the safety of drivers. Additionally, we started a program with our local city officials to assist in removing graffiti and tags throughout the city.


Washington Adopt-A-Highway

Maple Valley Graffiti Removal Program


5-Star Certification award winner

Excellence in environmental innovation, initiative and sustainability

Puget Sound Business Journal Top 25 Sustainable Business