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How To Easily Polish and Protect Equipment

How To Easily Polish and Protect Equipment

One of the easiest and fastest ways to protect your sites equipment, save money and impress customers, is to polish equipment regularly, right after cleaning.

Preventing Fuel Loss and Costly Repairs
Breakaways were designed to prevent fuel loss and costly repairs due to drive offs. When a customer leaves the nozzle in their tank and drives off, the breakaway disconnects and stops fuel from leaking out of the hose. But what happens when there is cracking due to UV damage along the breakaway whip hoses that allow those breakaways to pull apart correctly? You guessed it... fuel loss.

LUXSS Polish and UV protectant Wipes are safe, non-aerosol wipes designed for multi-surface polishing and protecting of plastic laminate, painted metal, rubber and wood surfaces. LUXSS leaves behind a non-oily silicone film to shine and protect. Specifically formulated to fight the effects of oxidation and provide protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, effectively prolonging the life of your equipment. LUXSS will help keep your dispensers, hoses, squeegee buckets and garbage cans looking new.

To Clean
1- For best results, clean surface prior to polishing with LUXSS® Polish + UV Protectant Wipes.

To Polish
2- Open canister list and pull out LUXSS Wipe through top opening; reseal lid to canister.

3- Start from the top of the equipment/surface and work your way down applying even pressure.  Repeat as necessary.

As needed.  For best results, polish once a week to maintain surface shine and dust repelling.

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