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Spill Buckets: Reduce Risk and Apply Best Practices

Spill Buckets: Reduce Risk and Apply Best Practices

The lack of proper systems and tools has made cleaning spill buckets a safety hazard.

Believe it or not, if you were to look, you would find that nearly every fuel center in the U.S., has a spill bucket that is full. Spill buckets require regular inspection and cleaning. They fill up with water, debris, and excess fuel that eventually break down the spill bucket materials - causing contaminants to leak into the surrounding soil. Businesses can be levied with huge fines from government entities if they find spill buckets are in violation of code.

Surprisingly, most c-stores do not have a system in place to safely clean these spill buckets. Even more surprising are the number of stores that have resorted to using things like Styrofoam cups, turkey basters, toilet paper, napkins, and even baby diapers off the shelf to soak up those liquids. Worse yet are the hazardous conditions employees find themselves in while kneeling on the ground where they are unseen, and all too often hit, by motorists pulling in and out of the fuel station.

At CAF, we understand the severity of these issues. In working closely with thousands of retail fuel locations around the globe, we've listened to their safety concerns and went to work developing a solution that incorporates best practices for fuel stations looking to ensure the safety and well being of their employees by keeping them clean and off the ground while servicing spill buckets.



SUMPUR™ Spill Bucket Cleanout Kit is a comprehensive system designed to safely and quickly remove liquids from spill containment manholes. Each component of the SUMPUR Kit has employee safety in mind. The SUMPUR Pump allows users to stand while pumping, and provides fast, high volume liquid removal – 28 ounces per stroke – saving time and helping employees to see, and be seen, in high  traffic areas. The telescoping SUMPUR Stick keeps employees from having to kneel and reach into a spill bucket, with jaws that grip an absorbent pad and can release without touching the soiled pad. The high visibility SUMPUR Bucket integrates easy cleanout instructions printed clearly on the bucket, and when used with protective clothing and traffic cones, creates a safe, fast, and easy system for your employees.


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