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A Smarter Way to Reduce Costs: Lower Operating Expenses

A Smarter Way to Reduce Costs: Lower Operating Expenses

It’s fair to say that in business you must spend money to make money. It’s also true that creating efficiencies to decrease operating costs will allow you to expand your business activities. We know that the two largest expenses in a c-store are labor and inventory. Reducing either category requires careful planning and consideration of all programs within the store.

It takes time to build successful programs and implement cost-cutting measures. Are you looking for innovative ideas on how your business can reduce costs and improve its bottom line? Your cleaning program is one area where you can increase productivity and create an environment that is more appealing to your customers.  There are several basic concepts that business owners, and managers, can implement to create a more profitable store. Below are a few recommendations on how to do just that:

Short Term:

  •  Find alternatives to replace outsourced cleaning services
  •  Look for new innovative solutions to solve longstanding challenges – a better way of doing  things
  •  Implement an efficient and effective cleaning program to reduce labor hours
  •  Switch to high volume, super concentrated cleaning products to decrease cost per use

Long Term:

  •  Implement a program that is consistent in order to save time
  •  Mitigate risk of environmental impact, fines, & liability
  •  Regular maintenance cleaning = preventative repairs
  •  Use products that are safe, so the equipment lasts longer and is protected under the   warranty
  •  Initiate a safety program

A clean image and time invested efficiently in a cleaning program will have an ROI.  Increased customer satisfaction = increased spending and more frequent visits.

For a customized ROI analysis and how we can help with cost-cutting measures for your business please contact us at sales@mycaf.com.


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