Oil Hungry Microbes Eats Stains, Increase Profits!

Oil Hungry Microbes Eats Stains, Increase Profits!

The Power of Bacteria in Cleaning and Boosting Business

History and Innovation

The idea of employing bacteria to rectify environmental messes might seem futuristic, but it is rooted deep in our history. The concept originated around 600 B.C. with the Romans ingeniously harnessing bacteria to purify their water. Fast-forward to the present day, and bacteria-driven solutions have evolved to combat various environmental hazards, notably the toxic remnants of oil and gas spills.

Understanding Bioremediation

This bacterial intervention is coined as "bioremediation." At its core, bioremediation leverages naturally occurring microbes that thrive in our soil and groundwater. These microbes possess the unique ability to digest and transform harmful chemicals, like oil, into benign substances such as water and carbon dioxide.

A noteworthy application of bioremediation was witnessed during the aftermath of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, where over 11 million gallons of oil tainted the marine ecosystem. To address this disaster, authorities infused the affected shorelines with these specific microbes, complemented by essential nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. The results were significant. Microbes thrived and decomposed vast amounts of oil, but in areas treated with pressure washing or hot water, the bacteria couldn't survive, resulting in persistent oil contamination. The efficacy of these microbes is contingent on several factors: the correct pH balance, adequate nutrients, and optimal oxygen levels in the soil or groundwater. When aligned, these conditions facilitate microbial growth, allowing them to devour more chemicals. Importantly, these bacteria are benign, akin to those found in consumable products like yogurt.

CAF's Contribution

Leading the charge in such innovative solutions, CAF Outdoor Cleaning has incorporated these microorganisms in products like EXIMO®. Designed for both dry and water-based applications, EXIMO acts as a bacterial agent on oil stains, rapidly degrading the oil into harmless water and carbon dioxide.

The Business Impact of Cleanliness

For convenience store owners, using solutions like EXIMO® doesn't just lead to cleaner spaces but can also significantly boost profits. Cleanliness profoundly influences a consumer's perception, affecting their buying decisions and loyalty. An enlightening study by the Alon Clean Team delved into customers' expectations of convenience stores. The findings were telling: a resounding 88% of participants identified "cleanliness" as the most critical attribute of their ideal convenience store. Further research solidified this sentiment, with findings that a well-maintained C-Store can amplify fuel and in-store sales by a staggering 115% or more.


In today's competitive market, every aspect of customer experience counts. The pressing question for store owners then becomes: "Is your store's image enhancing customer loyalty or diverting traffic to your competition?" With consumers spoilt for choice, any lapse in cleanliness could steer them to a competitor. CAF's commitment to providing bacterial solutions represents a fusion of environmental responsibility with business acumen. If your goal aligns with enhancing customer experience and driving profits, it's time to consult with a CAF representative. (888) 737-0025 or (425) 433-8277

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