Diesel Stain Removal with EXIMO® + OTIS: A Powerful Combination for a Spotless Forecourt

Diesel Stain Removal with EXIMO® + OTIS: A Powerful Combination for a Spotless Forecourt

Clean and pristine storefronts attract customers and improve sales, and we have the perfect solution for stubborn diesel and oil stains!




A clean and inviting forecourt can make all the difference when it comes to attracting customers to your convenience store. However, dealing with persistent diesel and oil stains can be a daunting task. With limited budgets, high staff turnover, and the constant search for top talent, maintaining a spotless storefront might seem overwhelming. But fear not! We have a simple solution to help you efficiently manage store maintenance: the powerful combination of EXIMO® + OTIS.


In this article, we'll explore the wonders of EXIMO® + OTIS, fun facts about diesel, and the importance of keeping your dispenser handles clean. We'll also discuss how a well-maintained forecourt can influence customers to visit your convenience store.


A Powerful Combination for Removing Diesel Stains: EXIMO® + OTIS


When it comes to removing stubborn stains like diesel and oil, EXIMO® + OTIS is the ultimate duo. By following the easy steps below, you'll notice significant improvements in just 2 weeks, and within 4-6 weeks, even the most stubborn stains will disappear:


OTIS Pretreatment:


Combine 3 scoops of OTIS with 32 oz of water in a spray bottle or 1/2 cup of OTIS in a 2-gallon sprayer.

Apply to the stain, wait 30 seconds, then scrub using a deck brush or broom.

For more stubborn stains, use EXIMO® + OTIS:


  • Fill a 2-gallon sprayer with 1 gallon of water.
  • Add 1 cup of EXIMO and ¼ cup of OTIS.
  • Mix well to suspend EXIMO particles in the solution.
  • Pressurize the tank and spray evenly, keeping the nozzle 12 inches from the surface.
  • Shake the sprayer occasionally to prevent product settling.


To maintain a spotless storefront, apply this powerful combination 1-2 times weekly. Use our handy checklist to ensure your store stays pristine:


  • Inspect concrete surfaces for diesel and oil stains weekly.
  • Keep a ready supply of EXIMO® and OTIS on hand.
  • Allow us to train your team on proper product usage.
  • Track your progress and adjust the application frequency as needed.
  • Replenish your stock through our online portal or by reaching out to your Regional, District, or Market Manager.


Fun Facts About Diesel


Diesel fuel is an essential part of our everyday lives, powering everything from trucks and buses to generators and heavy machinery. Here are some fun facts about diesel:


  • Diesel engines are more efficient than gasoline engines, converting about 45% of the fuel's energy into mechanical energy compared to gasoline's 30%.
  • Diesel fuel has a higher energy content than gasoline, providing more energy per gallon.
  • Rudolf Diesel, a German engineer, invented the diesel engine in 1893.
  • Diesel engines produce less carbon dioxide emissions than gasoline engines, contributing to lower greenhouse gas emissions.


Keep Dispenser Handles Clean and Inviting


Customers do not want to touch dirty, stained dispenser handles. An unclean handle can deter potential customers and negatively impact your business. By using EXIMO® + OTIS, you can keep your dispenser handles clean and stain-free, creating a more pleasant experience for your customers.


Clean Forecourts Drive Customers to Your Convenience Store


According to a 2023 NACS Magazine consumer sentiment survey, a record 59% of drivers go inside the store after filling up at the pump. This makes it crucial to attract drivers to your forecourt. The survey reveals that safety and cleanliness are more important than ever, especially among women. Younger customers (under 35) place a higher value on a speedy experience and knowing how your store serves the community.


A clean and well-maintained forecourt sends a positive message about your brand and encourages customers to visit your convenience store. In turn, this increases foot traffic, resulting in higher sales and customer satisfaction.


EXIMO® + OTIS - A Dynamic Duo:


The powerful combination of EXIMO® + OTIS provides a simple and effective solution for removing heavy diesel and oil stains from your forecourt. By following the easy steps outlined in this article and maintaining a consistent cleaning schedule, you can keep your storefront spotless and inviting to customers.


Remember, a clean forecourt is crucial for attracting customers to your convenience store. It not only ensures customer satisfaction but also has a direct impact on your sales. Invest in the right cleaning products and techniques then let EXIMO® + OTIS work its magic to make your store shine.


Diesel: A Brief History


To further appreciate the importance of maintaining a clean forecourt, especially when dealing with diesel stains, let's delve deeper into the history and significance of diesel fuel. As previously mentioned, Rudolf Diesel, a German engineer, invented the diesel engine in 1893. His goal was to create an efficient, alternative fuel source to gasoline. Over the years, diesel has become an essential part of various industries, from transportation to agriculture.


Diesel engines are more efficient and produce more torque compared to gasoline engines. This makes them ideal for heavy-duty vehicles like trucks, buses, and construction equipment. Additionally, diesel fuel has a higher energy content, which contributes to its efficiency.


The Importance of Cleanliness to Customers


Cleanliness is a crucial factor when it comes to customer experience and decision-making. A clean forecourt and convenience store create a positive first impression, enticing customers to not only fill up their tanks but also step inside the store and make purchases.


Several studies have shown that customers are more likely to patronize a clean and well-maintained convenience store. A dirty store, on the other hand, can raise concerns about the quality and safety of the products being sold. This is especially true for food items. Customers are less likely to buy food from a convenience store that appears unclean or poorly maintained, as they may perceive the food to be unsafe or of low quality.


The First Impression: A Clean Forecourt


A clean forecourt serves as the first impression for any potential customer. When customers see a spotless and inviting exterior, they are more likely to associate that level of cleanliness with the quality of products and services offered inside the store. In contrast, a dirty forecourt can deter customers from even considering entering your store.


To ensure a positive first impression, it is essential to maintain cleanliness not only on the forecourt but also on the fuel dispensers, dispenser handles, and surrounding areas. A well-maintained exterior speaks volumes about the overall care and attention given to the store, increasing the likelihood of customers stepping inside and making purchases.


Creating a Clean and Inviting Convenience Store


To provide the best possible customer experience, it is essential to maintain cleanliness both inside and outside your convenience store. Here are some tips to help create a clean and inviting environment:


  • Regularly clean and sanitize high-touch surfaces, such as door handles, countertops, and fuel dispensers.
  • Ensure floors are free from spills, dirt, and debris. Sweep and mop floors regularly.
  • Keep shelves well-stocked, organized, and clean. Remove damaged or expired products promptly.
  • Maintain clean and well-lit restrooms, as this reflects on the overall cleanliness of the store.
  • Keep trash receptacles emptied and clean both inside and outside the store.
  • Train staff on proper cleaning techniques and protocols, emphasizing the importance of cleanliness for customer satisfaction and sales.

Diesel and Its Impact on Concrete, Dispensers, and Other Surfaces


While diesel fuel is essential for powering various vehicles and machinery, it can leave unsightly and stubborn stains on concrete, dispensers, and other surfaces. Understanding the nature of diesel and its impact on different surfaces can help in effectively addressing these stains and maintaining a clean and inviting environment.


Characteristics of Diesel Fuel


Diesel is a heavy, oily fuel derived from crude oil, which contains hydrocarbons and various other chemical compounds. When diesel spills or leaks onto surfaces, it penetrates porous materials like concrete and can leave behind greasy, dark stains. Diesel fuel also has a strong odor, which can be off-putting to customers and contribute to the perception of uncleanliness.


Diesel Stains on Concrete


Concrete is a porous material, which means that it can easily absorb liquids like diesel fuel. When diesel spills on concrete, it seeps into the pores and causes the surface to darken, resulting in stubborn stains that are difficult to remove with regular cleaning methods. Over time, these stains can become even more challenging to clean as they accumulate dirt and debris, further discoloring the concrete surface.


Diesel Stains on Dispensers and Other Surfaces


Diesel fuel can also leave stains on dispensers, dispenser handles, and other surfaces. The oily nature of diesel can make these surfaces greasy and slippery, creating both an unappealing and potentially unsafe situation for customers. Additionally, the strong odor of diesel can linger on surfaces, further contributing to the overall impression of uncleanliness.


Effective Diesel Stain Removal


Due to the stubborn nature of diesel stains, it is essential to use specialized cleaning products and techniques to effectively remove them from concrete and other surfaces. The powerful combination of EXIMO® + OTIS provides an efficient and easy-to-use solution for tackling even the most persistent diesel stains


In conclusion, maintaining a clean forecourt and convenience store is essential for attracting customers and ensuring their satisfaction. By utilizing the powerful combination of EXIMO® + OTIS for diesel stain removal and following the tips mentioned above, you can create a welcoming environment that leaves a lasting positive impression on customers. Remember, a clean store is not only good for business but also helps promote a safe and enjoyable experience for your customers.

If you have any questions or need additional support, don't hesitate to contact us for further tips and training. Together, we can create an inviting and pristine environment for your customers and help your business thrive!


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