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Why to go GREEN? Because your customers expect it!

Why to go GREEN? Because your customers expect it!

Being “Green” is no longer a revolution of the Green Movement—it’s a basic business philosophy that customers have come to expect. “Most U.S. consumers prefer companies that use environmentally-friendly products and practices, according to a recent Harris Interactive survey.” (Single Store Owner Magazine 03/2012). Therefore, being more environmentally conscious could give you a competitive advantage over your competition! If you need more incentive on why to go green.

Most companies now consider green practices to be vital to remaining competitive and many affirm that these practices are contributing to profits. Below are some proven benefits for going green:

  1. Savings in Product Cost: A common misconception is that “Green” equals more expensive. Actually, using Green Products will often contribute towards saving you money over time.
  2. Consumer Engagement: Community involvement is an important cornerstone for many companies, and green practices enhance public image, community relations and good will.
  3. Keeping Up with the Competition: 70% of business today are said to have incorporated principles of sustainability into their company.
  4. Savings in Energy Costs: Recycling, energy conservation, energy-efficient office equipment, and water-saving devices all save money by cutting bills.

What if you could improve your location’s image and cleanliness in an environmentally green and friendly way? Would your customers appreciate your efforts? CAF Environmental Solutions is the leading green_cleaning_products-150x150 manufacturer of environmental friendly and safe products for use in outdoor cleaning.

Click here to see one example of how CAF continues to develop new solutions to outdoor cleaning problems, using the latest in green technologies, with unmatched cleaning success.

Our promise is to provide you with innovative cleaning solutions that are safe, efficient, cost effective and environmentally responsible.


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