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How To Prevent Squeegee Bucket Stench

How To Prevent Squeegee Bucket Stench

Give your squeegee buckets a “breath mint” and your customers a break! Use only glass cleaning solutions with active ingredients designed to combat and reduces the growth of odor causing bacteria and formulated with the highest quality cleaners to remove dirt, grime, salts, and other damaging particles from glass. Offering your customers a clean, fresh smelling squeegee bucket is something they will remember.

What You Will Need:

* Squeegee bucket or clean container

* ORUS Ultra® or ORUS TABS®

* Water


  1. Add one (1) ORUS Tab directly to a clean squeegee bucket. Fill container with up to 2.5 gallons of water and mix till solution is completely dissolved. ORUS will quickly dissolve and can be used within minutes.
  2. Using a 3-5 gallon bucket, add one (1) ORUS Tab for each 2
    or 2.5 gallons of water and allow the tab to dissolve.  Once dissolved, empty ORUS solution into squeegee bucket.


Task Duration

* Mix new solution: 1-2 minutes/bucket

* With bucket clean out: 3-4 minute


Here are some tips for clean, good smelling and great looking squeegee buckets:

  • Squeegee bucket water should be changed every 1-2 days
  • Use a phosphate free cleaner to boost cleaning efficiency (ORUS)
  • Measure correctly – more is not always better!

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