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Effective for groups ranging from store-level users to regional or even department wide groups, CAF training specialists will host up to 250 managers per session, using state of the art webinar tools to provide LIVE broadcast training. Benefits to you?

  • Reduces need for face-to-face meetings
  • Reduction of travel time, costs related to mid-level manager training events
  • Anonymous question posting eliminates possible embarrassment and increases likelihood of questions that would normally not be asked.
  • Compliance tracking – Reports available showing which employees joined, when, and if they stayed for the entire training
  • Recorded sessions available – Forgot what was said? Or maybe a few employees couldn’t join the session? Log in and view recently completed training when its convenient for you.

Follow-up surveys/tests can be delivered afterward to check for understanding.

To view a schedule and register for one of our upcoming webinars, see our calendar below, or contact a cleaning specialist to have one scheduled exclusively for your team.