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SUMPUR™ Spill Bucket Cleanout Kit

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SUMPUR™ Spill Bucket Cleanout Kit is a comprehensive system designed to safely and quickly remove liquids from spill containment manholes without having to kneel down and scrub.

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SUMPUR Spill Bucket Cleanout Kit

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SUMPUR™ Spill Bucket Cleanout Kit is a comprehensive system designed to safely and quickly remove liquids from spill containment manholes. Each component of the SUMPUR Kit has employee safety in mind. The 46” SUMPUR Pump allows users to stand while pumping, and provides fast, high volume liquid removal – 28 ounces per stroke – saving time and helping employees to see, and be seen, in high traffic areas. The telescoping SUMPUR Stick keeps employees from having to kneel down and reach into a spill bucket, with jaws that grip an absorbent pad and can release without touching the soiled pad.


  • Reduce contact with fuels and contaminants
  • High visibility use standing up
  • Complete system designed for retail petroleum
  • Faster clean-outs reduce labor costs
  • Absorbent sponge and stick combination reduces hazardous waste contact
  • Used regularly, adheres to compliance and inspection liability

SYSTEM: Simple instructions to understand and use.
Each component has employee safety in mind.
Faster cleanouts resulting in less labor costs.

Product Info Cleaning Instructions FAQ

Customer Reviews

So glad my company buys this Review by Hector
Last week we got shipment of the Sumpur kit. I like the pump because it works fast and keeps me from being on my knees in the parking area. I like the Clamp Pole to put my absorbent wipes catch the small remaining water and clean up the sumps... Good thinking to come up with this! I bet the person who invented this had to clean gas station sumps and spill buckets. Gracias! (Posted on 8/30/17)
Knee Saver! Review by M.F.
We received the SUMPUR and took it out to one of our sites and gave it a test drive. My boss, the store manager, & I tried it out and loved it. It worked well, it was effective in sucking up the water, and the rags also worked in getting remaining water.

Overall we loved the product, the manager who does this daily and is on her knees doing it loved it and didn’t care that the pole didn’t reach to the bottom of the sump.
(Posted on 4/18/17)
So much easier than what we were doing before! Review by J Taylor
We struggle with water in our sumps, and cleaning it out was awful. We actually used to play rock-paper-scissor to decide who had to clean the sumps out. This kit makes cleaning the sumps must faster & easier. Thanks CAF! (Posted on 3/21/17)
Genius! Review by Andrew
Terrific product that works as advertised! Keeps my employees clean and off the ground while doing a very dirty job! (Posted on 2/7/17)