ORUS Ultra: Windshield Cleaner Fluid for Squeegee Buckets

There are thousands, perhaps tens of thousands squeegee bucket cleaners available. What do you use for your windshield cleaner? Hopefully one that doesn't put you on the peeved list... People are peeved!
While stopping at the service station (yeah, they call them that but there’s no service  ) ok, “gas” station – while I was filling up the SUV I started to wash the windows. Looks great in the beginning, to do this however you need those window washing squeegees on a stick..... Here’s the peeve, can’t someone change the water out? Those buckets of OLD stinky smelly water are SO BAD you have to hold your nose while washing the window with their squeegees. This is ugly, and there’s no reason for not having fresh clean clear water that isn’t smelly. It’s bad, it’s ugly and it’s putrid; if that water drips or gets onto your hand while doing the windows you have to have it amputated and removed…
Can you confidently say this squeegee bucket cleaner peeve was not about your service station? If not, here are some tips for clean, good smelling and great looking squeegee buckets:
  • Squeegee bucket water should be changed every 1-2 days
  • Use a phosphate free cleaner to boost cleaning efficiency
  • Measure correctly – more is not always better!
  • Use a cleaner that contains active ingredients that combat the growth of bacteria, algae, etc. to maintain an odor-free squeegee bucket - See chart below
ORUS® Ultra windshield cleaner is specifically designed with low foaming surfactants to remove dirt, grime, salts and other damaging particles from glass.  ORUS is the first window wash solution to actively reduce odor caused by bacteria growth. ORUS is phosphate free, and is safe for people, pets, and the environment.  ORUS comes in convenient packaging with measuring scoop that makes for easy measuring and mixing - just add water.  Use ORUS with FRIGO® winter additive for a low cost freeze protection in a year-round cleaning solution. Click here to make the switch to ORUS windshield cleaner!