Turning Oil Into Water

Oil stained concrete and asphalt are quite prevelant in the retail fuel environment. Left untreated, hydrocarbons in the oil begin breaking down binders that hold these materials together, creating potholes, larger stains, and an unsightly mess. Many look to pressure washing only to learn that doing so pushes the oil deeper into the pores of the surface - just to return days later! Bioremediation is the EPA's recommended solution that uses microbes to breakdown hydrogen and carbon-based substances (like hydrocarbons) found in the environment, such as oil and gasoline. Bioremediation is nothing new - in fact it dates back to nearly 600 B.C., first discovered by the Romans who used this method to treat their water supplies. Centuries later, these microbes continue to protect the environment by ridding it of harmful chemicals. Watch the video below to see how a bioremediation product like EXIMO® will remove oil stains in your fueling area in just 30 days! EXIMO 30-Day Challenge Time Lapse from CAF Outdoor Cleaning on Vimeo. You may remember 1989 when there was a tanker that spilled over 11 million gallons of oil into the ocean. In response, authorities introduced these same microbes, along with some added nutrients (nitrogen and Phosphorus), to the shorelines to begin working on the oil. Here is what they learned:
  • Degrading microorganisms on oiled beaches increased by 10,000 times
  • Microbes decomposed every hazardous fraction
  • Improvements were noticed after just 10 days
  • Biodegradation can be enhanced with the help of nutrients
  • Microbes pose no threat to people or the environment
In fact, there are many other uses for these microbes:
  1. Continued uses in fermentation - bacteria, yeasts, and fungi
  2. Bioremediation: degrade oils. Solvents, VOC, pesticides
  3. Separates fibers from plants
  4. Pest control – insecticides
  5. Creating polymers and plastics
  6. Medicinal – Streptomyces produce 500 different antibiotics

      EXIMO Waterless Concrete Cleaner is more than just a surface cleaner, it saves time and money over alternative methods because the microbes in EXIMO actually consume the oil and breakdown the hydrocarbons into harmless water and gasses. Which means it cleans better than pressure washing because it works deep into the pores of concrete, restoring its original luster and clean appearance. The best part though... it’s super easy to use! Simply apply the product and sweep it over the concrete... That’s it! Once the product is applied -- you're done!