Spring Into Action!


Spring into Action!

As the temperatures rise, take a moment, and a look outside. How did the winter months treat your store? Will you find oil stained concrete and asphalt? Diesel stained dispensers? What will the customer think when reaching for your pump handles? Forecourts are your initial handshake to draw more consumers into your stores. This is the time to start shedding the remnants of winters dirt and grime and revitalize your site to improve your customer’s experience. As the leader in outdoor cleaning and industry expert in exterior cleanliness – we can help by providing retailers our innovative products, best in class execution, and individualized training to help boost their bottom line by as much as 15% in just 3 months. Here are some tips for making your stores cleaner, safer, and more welcoming to your customers:
  • Diesel Stained Nozzles and Cradles – Build-up from gas and diesel? No problem! OTIS Multi-Surface Cleaner & Degreaser is an all-purpose heavy-duty cleaner designed for fuel dispensers that saves time and effort because it requires no scrubbing. This makes OTIS a cost-effective multipurpose cleaner that you can use to keep even the dirtiest surfaces looking clean. OTIS works great on forecourt areas, including diesel stains on dispensers and fuel pad garbage stains!
  • Vandalized & UV Damaged Dispensers – Upgrading to EMV? We’ve got you covered. SKINZZ Protective Shields combat equipment vandalism and general wear and tear to keep equipment, including screens and keypads, clean and inviting. SKINZZ maintain your brand, extend the life of your equipment, and eliminate costly and avoidable maintenance worth thousands of dollars!
  • Smelly Squeegee Buckets – Do your buckets need a breath mint? ORUS Ultra Concentrate Glass Cleaner and ORUS TABS Squeegee Bucket Solution are effective and low-cost glass cleaners for your squeegee buckets. ORUS eliminates odor in squeegee buckets, is phosphate free, and dissolves quickly. Both are formulated with the highest quality cleaners to remove dirt, grime, and salts, providing users with the highest quality cleaning solution in the market.
  • Dull & Dirty Garbage Bins – No Worries! OTIS Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes are fully saturated with powerful surfactants that lift away grease, oils, and heavy grime. OTIS Wipes work great on forecourt areas like diesel stained nozzles, dispensers and trash cans and are safe enough to use indoors on food preparations surfaces like hot dog rollers!
  • Graffiti and Adhesive – Yep! We can help with that too! VIVX Graffiti and Adhesive Remover is specifically designed with a powerful cleaning action that uses gel to cling to vertical surfaces. VIVX is effective on porous and non-porous surfaces and safe to use on concrete, metal, oil-based paints, baked enamel, glass, tile, brick, stone, masonry, ceramic materials, and even the reflective coatings used on street signs!
  • Dull Surfaces & UV Damage – Don’t forget to polish and protect! LUXSS Protective Wipes are safe, non-aerosol polishing wipes designed for stainless steel, plastic laminate, painted metal, wood surfaces, and rubber; and removes everything from finger prints, smoke film, and scuffs to dirt and grime. LUXSS leaves behind a non-oily silicone film to shine and protect and is specifically formulated to fight the effects of oxidation and keep dispensers, hoses & whips, squeegee buckets and garbage cans looking new!