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How To Safely Remove Graffiti

How To Safely Remove Graffiti

Vandalism isn’t something anyone plans to have happen, but when it does, it’s a pain to deal with, especially if there are city or county Graffiti Nuisance Ordinances requiring removal within a specific time period. Taking prompt, proactive steps to report and remove graffiti is the best way to prevent it from occurring again.

Many methods use harsh chemicals to remove the residue but these techniques are harmful to the original surface and the environment. The following remedy is simple and will teach how to remove graffiti from wood, brick, paint without damaging any surfaces, and in an eco-friendly way!

Warnings: Contents of VIVX® are flammable, contents under pressure. Use only as directed.



  • Put on safety glasses and gloves before beginning the application
  • Use cloth towels to wipe with
  • Have water hose or water spray bottle available to rinse
  • Pretest VIVX on a small, inconspicuous area before applying to entire stain


To Apply

1- Shake VIVX® canister well prior to spraying surface.

2- Spray VIVX® directly onto graffiti from 8 inches away and let it sit for 5 seconds before   wiping.

3- Begin rubbing off the graffiti:

a) For smooth surfaces please use only a cloth hand towel

b) For rough surface remove with nylon scrub brush and immediate rinse with water after each application.

Repeat cleaning process as necessary until stain is completely removed.

VIVX Cleaning Instructions | Video