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How To Safely Clean Oil from Residential Driveways

How To Safely Clean Oil from Residential Driveways

Cleaning an oil stained driveway the conventional way not only takes time and energy, but has the potential to damage your concrete and harm the environment.  It also can bring the wrath of the Home Owners Association (HOA) down on you you.  So instead of wasting time and effort on pressure washing, or risk washing harsh chemicals down the drains, use the EPA recommended method of removing oil from the environment and use the following instructions for an easy, time-saving, eco-friendly alternative!  For Industrial purposes, click here.

What You Will Need:
EXIMO®, broom/push broom, or cleaning brush


Using an outdoor broom, sweep away any loose debris. Ensure pavement is dry.

To Clean
1- Sprinkle a small amount of EXIMO directly onto the oil stain(s).  Use just enough to thinly cover the surface area of the stain, avoiding excess.

2- Using a push broom or handheld cleaning brush, brush EXIMO into the surface of the concrete.  Spread until stain appears translucent.  Do not rinse off.

3- Repeat this process weekly for 4-6 weeks until the stain is completely removed.

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