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How to Remove Oil stains from Concrete

How to Remove Oil stains from Concrete


One of the most common questions from our customers is: How can I remove oil stains from my concrete? Although there are several claims to remove oil stains from concrete, there is only one that actually degrades the hydrocarbons where the others simply lift, absorb or move them.

Common Concrete Cleaning Methods:

Bioremediation is a natural process, recommended by the EPA, to clean up harmful chemicals, like oil and gasoline with microbes.  These microbes breakdown the hydrocarbon chain into harmless CO2 and water.

  •      Time-driven process that continues to clean between applications
  •      Requires microbes and the proper growth environment
  •      More microbes, measured in CFU/g, equate to increased cleaning


how-to-remove-oil-from-comcrete How Bioremediation removes oil from concrete

Emulsification uses soaps and detergents to cause deposit materials to be lifted away with water. Oil or other hazardous materials lifted by water are still hazardous and must be reclaimed in most industrial and retail environments.
Absorption may be involved in the cleaning process to soak up a material but requires further cleaning and/or proper hazardous materials disposal.
Power Washing involves the use of power equipment to spray up the surface oil.  Many states and local jurisdictions prohibit pressure washing unless the water is 100% reclaimed and properly treated.
Acid Treatment uses harsh chemicals to remove any substance from the concrete surface.  Acid treatments damage the concrete surface and are harmful to the surrounding area and environment.

Only bioremediation actually degrades hydrocarbons, where other common methods only lift, absorb, or move the hazardous material.

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Now that you know that oil can actually be REMOVED from concrete, I am sure you are wondering how you can purchase a product that contains microbes. Look no further! EXIMO waterless concrete cleaner is available here.