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How to Protect Equipment from UV Damage

How to Protect Equipment from UV Damage

After taking the time to clean equipment, go the extra mile and make it look even nicer for your customers by polishing it.  Polishing with PROTERO® does more than just shine and impress;

PROTERO® adds a protective finish and can prevent future stains and damages. This process will remove everything from finger prints, smoke film, scuffs, dirt and grime, and prevent UV ray damage by leaving behind a non-oily, silicone-based film to shine and protect!

What You Will Need:

  • PROTERO Metal Polish
  • Cleaning cloth (Save in baggy for later applications)

*For best results, clean surface with OTIS Multi-Surface Cleaner prior to polishing*


1- Ensure surface area is dry before beginning.

2- For best results, spray PROTERO® on to a cleaning cloth rather than on the surface itself.

3- Using cloth, wipe and polish surface until no excess solution remains

4- Repeat as necessary.