Outdoor Cleaning Solution


EXIMO® Waterless Concrete Cleaner

EXIMO® cleans better than pressure washing by working deep into the pores of concrete, restoring its original luster and clean appearance.


FORO® Asphalt Cleaner and Hardener

FORO® Asphalt Cleaner and Hardener is an all-natural asphalt cleaner, hardener and protector that prevents asphalt damage and improves the appearance and useful life of parking lots and driveways.


REACT™ Fuel Spill Neutralizer

REACT Fuel Spill Neutralizer, when applied to fuel spills, quickly reduces immediate hazards such as flammability and inhalation, while also treating the long term impacts of contaminants to customers and the environment.


ORUS® Concentrate Glass Cleaner

ORUS Concentrate glass window cleaner is designed to remove dirt, grime, salts and other damaging particles from glass. ORUS is environmentally safe with a phosphate free, non-toxic, non-methanol, biodegradable formula.


ORUS® TABS Squeegee Bucket Solution

ORUS TABS Squeegee Bucket Solution is specifically designed with convenience and cleaning power in mind. Each tablet is formulated with the highest quality cleaners that remove dirt, grime, and salts, providing customers with the highest quality cleaning solutino in the market.


AERIS™ Ultra Glass Cleaner

AERIS Ultra glass window cleaner is specifically designed to remove dirt, grime, salts and other damaging particles from glass. AERIS is environmentally safe with a non-toxic, non-methanol, biodegradable formula.


FRIGO® Winter Additive

FRIGO winter additive is used with AERIS and ORUS glass cleaners to extend the effective temperature range for below freezing conditions.


OTIS Multi-Surface Cleaner

Are you tired of scrubbing oil, grease or diesel grime from tight corners or hard to reach surfaces? Or, looking for an alternative to reduce the time it takes to clean gas pumps, carwash and restaurant equipment or other hard to clean surfaces? Why not give OTIS Super Concentrate Surface Cleaner a try?

OTIS Wipes

OTIS Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes

OTIS Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes are strong enough for the toughest jobs, dissolving grease, sugars, fats and proteins on everything from diesel dispensers and trash cans to hot dog rollers.


PROTERO® Metal Polish

PROTERO is a safe, non-aerosol metal polish designed for heavy duty polishing of stainless steel, painted metal, aluminum and more.


SPRAY&GO™ Algae, Mildew & Mold Remover

SPRAY&GO™ Algae, Mildew & Mold Remover quickly kills and prevents future algae, mildew, mold, and moss on hard surfaces.


LUXSS® Protective Wipes

LUXSS® Protective Wipes are safe, non-aerosol polish wipes designed for stainless steel, plastic laminate, painted metal, wood surfaces, and rubber.


RADO™ Gum Remover

RADO+ is a safe, non-flammable gum remover designed for use on concrete, carpet, upholstery, tile, linoleum and wood surfaces. RADO+ instantly freezes chewing gum for easy removal in all conditions.


VIVX® Graffiti Remover

VIVX graffiti and adhesive remover is specifically designed with powerful cleaning action that uses a thick gel to cling to vertical surfaces.


TOUCH UP™ Custom Paint

TOUCH UP is an easy to use paint solution that assists our customers to maintain brand image without messy cans, paint brushes and supplies.


SKINZZ® Protective Shields

SKINZZ Protective Shield is designed specifically for use on outdoor equipment.

Magic Pad

MAGIC PAD® Heavy Duty Eraser

MAGIC PAD® Heavy Duty Eraser is used for removing tough to clean stains, scuff marks, graffiti, marker, adhesives, dirt and more.


SUMPUR™ Spill Bucket Cleanout Kit

SUMPUR™ Spill Bucket Cleanout Kit is a comprehensive system designed to safely and quickly remove liquids from spill containment manholes without having to kneel down and scrub.