Rethinking Pressure Washing: Understanding the True Cost and Alternatives

 Rethinking Pressure Washing: Understanding the True Cost and Alternatives

C-store exteriors endure constant challenges. Between unrelenting traffic and limited cleaning windows, maintaining cleanliness can seem an insurmountable task. In this quest, pressure washing emerges as a go-to solution for many. But is it truly the optimal choice?

Pressure Washing: A Quick Fix or a Costly Gamble?

On the surface, pressure washing offers a tantalizing promise: swift and efficient removal of unsightly stains and buildups. Yet, the reality isn't always as pristine:

  1. Operational Disruptions: Pressure washing necessitates shutting down dispensers and lanes, leading to potential revenue losses.
  2. Auditory Nuisance: The process can be loud, which could deter customers.
  3. EPA Clean Water Act: Regulatory implications mean pressure washing isn't just about spraying water. Water reclamation responsibilities lie with the property owner, not the cleaning company, with potential fines reaching up to $50,000 daily.
  4. Surface Erosion: Repeated pressure washing can erode the surfaces over time, leading to additional maintenance costs.
  5. Superficial Cleaning: While pressure washing offers a quick curb appeal boost, it's often a fleeting victory. Residual contaminants, just beneath the surface, tend to reappear shortly.

Beyond Pressure Washing: EXIMO Waterless Concrete Cleaner

If pressure washing's pitfalls have you seeking alternatives, consider EXIMO Waterless Concrete Cleaner. Not only does EXIMO address oil stains more efficiently than pressure washing, but it also delves deep into concrete pores, rejuvenating its appearance.

Benefits of EXIMO:

  • Deep Cleaning: Tackles underlying stains, ensuring longevity of cleanliness.
  • Environmental Consideration: As a waterless solution, EXIMO is environmentally conscious.
  • Operational Efficiency: With no need for water, EXIMO reduces operational downtime.
  • Versatility: The revamped formula supports wet application, further cutting down application time.

Experience the transformative power of EXIMO, erasing years of oil stains in just 30 days!


 Watch EXIMO erase years of oil stain buildup in just 30 days:

30 Day Stain Challenge


Better Concrete Cleaning Methods

If you’re looking for an alternative to pressure washing, learn more about EXIMO Waterless Concrete Cleaner here.  EXIMO cleans oil stains better than pressure washing by working deep into the pores of concrete, restoring its original luster and clean appearance. EXIMO is environmentally safe, uses no water, and reduces “down” time. EXIMO’s redesigned formula can also be used as a wet application, which can drastically reduce the time need to apply the product.

Elevate Your Customer Experience with CAF's Expertise

Clean exteriors aren't just about aesthetics; they're crucial business drivers. A clean store exterior boosts sales, engenders loyalty, and maximizes profits. At CAF, we understand that cleaning isn't one-size-fits-all.

Our belief? Combining the right products with dedicated training and monitoring yields superior results. Embrace solutions designed to economize labor and operational expenses, leading to sparkling exteriors, heightened customer experiences, and, crucially, increased profitability.

Seeking a tailor-made, eco-friendly cleaning regimen? Delve deeper into our offerings by clicking on the images below.

For an experience tailored to your business's unique needs, get in touch today!


eximo 36 Foro pkg OTIS pkg ORUS pkg 


Contact us today to set up a personalized cleaning program developed specifically for your business needs!


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