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Outdoor Cleaning Program for C-Stores

Outdoor Cleaning Program for C-Stores

So, just who is CAF and what is this 'Outdoor Cleaning Program' they are so proud of?

CAF was established in 2003 and quickly became the leading manufacturer of outdoor cleaning products for c-stores with the distribution of their innovative product, EXIMO waterless concrete cleaner.

Since then, CAF has stayed atop the competition by introducing a full line or outdoor cleaning products. Your one-stop-shop has arrived! You can now purchase a complete outdoor cleaning program for our location in one transaction.

Our promise is to provide innovative cleaning solutions that are safe, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally responsible. At CAF Environmental Solutions we believe that cleaning should be easy. That is why all of our products are focused on maximizing your image and efficiency. With creative products like EXIMO® waterless concrete cleaner and OTIS super concentrate cleaner, we put nature and science to work for you!


What makes CAF different from other outdoor cleaning programs?

What sets CAF apart from the rest is our commitment to providing an environmentally responsible cleaning system and products that are effective and save money. We provide win-win situations for retailers and consumers by providing products that get the job done right, consistently, for less. Customers can depend on CAF to be their personalized cleaning partners/experts, committed for the “long run."

Clean GREEN Smart is a promise to provide GREEN cleaning products that are safe, effective and
CleanGreenSmart save money. CAF products are always tested to provide the highest possible safety and use innovative environmental technologies/ideas. By providing the right product for the job, CAF products are unparalleled in their effectiveness and offer substantial savings over alternative methods. Simply put: Clean GREEN Smart is the standard that customers can trust for environmentally responsible, effective and cost efficient cleaning solutions.

If you are ready to improve your c-store image, contact CAF today for more information about our outdoor cleaning program!