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Oil Stains On Asphalt...It's a Problem - Admit It

Oil Stains On Asphalt...It's a Problem - Admit It

Remove Oil Stains and Restore Damaged Asphalt

Oil-stained asphalt is right at your front door and customers must frequently walk through it to enter your store. It’s a greasy eye sore and has been there so long that the asphalt is crumbling and breaking up, causing holes, and slip or trip hazards. Sun, water, frost, fuels, and oils, start the deterioration and oxidation process from the first day that the asphalt is laid, and everyday thereafter. Contaminants that come in contact with the asphalt binders, soften it, breaking it down until it eventually crumbles apart.

Up until now, one fix has been to cover the entire lot of asphalt with an expensive and controversial coal tar sealant, which is banned in states like Washington and Minnesota. Another fix is to spend between $500 and $1,200 per spot, or hole, to have a contractor come and cut out the damaged asphalt and replace it. Both options are expensive, time consuming, and shut down portions of your site for a day or more.

CAF recommends an eco-friendly alternative that is proven to CLEAN, HARDEN and PROTECT oil stained asphalt. It is fast, effective, easy to apply, and much less costly than previous methods.

FORO® Asphalt Cleaner and Hardener is an all-natural asphalt cleaner, hardener and protector that combines bioremediation, absorption, and active ingredients to prevent asphalt damage and improve the appearance and useful life of parking lots and driveways. Regular use of FORO provides protection from oil and fuel drips that can soften asphalt within hours, all without the use of dangerous chemicals.

FORO on the right, after 3 applications (1 month)


How Does FORO® Work?  

  1. It Cleans
    • FORO absorbs and suspends fuels and oils on the surface of the pavement
    • Surfactants in FORO emulsify and disperse oil
    • Bacteria consume the oils, cleaning the asphalt
    • FORO color and cover immediately improves appearance of oil stained areas
    • Clean stores sell more!
  1. It Hardens
    • Oxidizers in FORO reharden the top protective layer of pavement
    • Natural bacteria oxidize oils and help re-oxidize oil-damaged bitumen on the surface of the asphalt pavement
    • Oxidizing upper layer of asphalt keeps lower layers from losing structural integrity (deformation and raveling) and from losing VOCs (cracking and becoming brittle)
  1. It Protects
    • FORO restores the protective oxidized layer to keep hydrocarbons from penetrating beyond asphalt surface
    • Absorbents in FORO keep oils and fuels at the surface of the pavement to prevent deformation, cracking, water intrusion, and eventual exposure of the road bed, and allow improved bioremediation
    • Regular use of FORO establishes bacterial colonies that multiply when exposed to a food source – oil

FORO Video | Cleaning Instructions