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Is There a ROI Behind the “Customer Experience” Buzz?

Is There a ROI Behind the “Customer Experience” Buzz?

Is There a ROI Behind the “Customer Experience” Buzz?
Emphasis on the improving the customer experience is at an all-time high.  But in a world where business owners want verifiable data to justify spending. Does spending money on customer experience make good business sense?  That’s what one research group set out to evaluate.

In conclusion to their recent study, the Temkin Group published a report, “The ROI of Customer Experience,” that examines how even a modest improvement in customer experience results in increased customer loyalty and revenue across 19 different industries. The study examines feedback from over 10,000 U.S. consumers, and finds that retailers with top performance in customer experience scores receive increased loyalty and sales. Below is a summary how loyalty translates to increases in annual revenues for over a 3 year period for a few industries:

1. Fast Food: $737
2. Supermarkets: $657
3. Retailers: $609

And depending on the industry, the potential revenue impact can reach into the hundreds of millions of dollars.  It's critical for company to understand the link between customer experience and business results. With this information they can make informed decisions about how much incremental money, time, and effort they want to spend on making changes to improve their brand, including cleaning programs designed to improve profits by up to 15%1. 1(Alon Brands)

At CAF we know “Clean Stores. Sell More!” Customers can equate the cleanliness of your forecourt and bathrooms with the cleanliness of your entire business, which elevates their customer experience. This is especially true in today's culture, word of mouth and online reviews can make a difference between success and failure for any business. Do you know what your customers are saying about their customer experience online?  A simple Yelp or Google review, tweets and blogs can turn off customers from your store. And this doesn't just apply to your restrooms either. As a c-store providing food service, food safety issues can arise from unclean food preparation.

An unclean business doesn't just affect the customer; it determines the emotions and positive feelings of your employees as well. But having a clean c-store can be a challenge. While even identifying the proper products and tools to complete the job can be a challenge, this is just the first piece to the puzzle of a successful cleaning program.  Aside from products, the key to a successful program includes proper training, managing employee engagement, as well as a plan to monitor and manage results.

Having cleaner stores will improve the customer experience, and helps to create loyal customers. Learn more about creating loyal customers for your c-store by downloading…