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How Cleanliness Drives Sales - Tips to build consumer confidence...

How Cleanliness Drives Sales - Tips to build consumer confidence...

"In today’s competitive landscape, it is important to make sure your store stands out against your competition. A proven way to stand out, and to capture a larger share of wallet, is to pay close attention to the overall store cleanliness.

The 2013 Convenience Store Survey, conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, reports that the highest-rated differentiator is overall cleanliness of the store. This survey also points out that while overall store cleanliness is highly valued, it is perceived as rare. So how can you make sure your store stands out?


Let’s first identify the germ hotspots at a c-store. In 2012, Handwashing for Life conducted a study that included collecting swab samples from some of the most-frequently touched areas in convenience stores. Samples were collected from 24 c-stores and truck & travel centers under eight different retail brands.

As a result of this testing, the “germiest” hot spots at a c-store store were determined. The top six are:"*

  • Restrooms
  • Front door handles
  • Fuel dispenser nozzles
  • Fuel dispenser keypads
  • Squeegee buckets
  • Refrigerator door handles



CAF has cleaning solutions for each of these six hot-spots as well as all of your outdoor and indoor cleaning challenges! Contact us for more information on how we can help you implement a consistent cleaning program!

*Source: CSP Daily News