We Get It! Maintaining Brand Image Demands is HARD!

Are you struggling to maintain your Brand’s image expectations? If so, you aren’t alone! Independent retailers everywhere feel your pain and would admit that their they believe there is a major disconnect between their Brand’s overwhelming expectations and the daily challenges they face. Even the ones that don't are still struggling to maintain a consistently clean store! Of course we all know that when it’s not clean… your customers will have a negative experience with your brand, and buy from your competitors. And if that's not bad enough, one dissatisfied customer will tell between 9 and 15 people about their bad experience! Research shows that cleanliness is the number 1 factor for a customer in deciding where to shop - and, when surveyed, 6 out of 10 customers said they would buy more at a clean store! Are you looking to build a food service offering? A good food court starts with a clean forecourt! The real key to getting customers inside your store is maintaining a clean image outside the store. We get it, you’ve tried to put together a cleaning program before… but the products you tried didn’t work. That’s because they weren’t designed for the outdoors! And with high industry turnover and inconsistent training, your employees misuse those products, endangering themselves, customers, their equipment, and exposing your store to liability. You are working hard, but the same old problems are still there. All this adds up to wasted time, money, and poor brand image. And as the number of sites grows, so do the hours and resources it takes to keep those sites customer-ready! For more than 15 years CAF has been helping retailers at over 20,000 convenience and retail fuel locations! Click the image below to learn how CAF can help improve your brand image!