Drive-In Winter Sales!

Similar to Summer months, the holiday season too lends itself to a significant increase in traffic with consumers flooding to shopping centers, holiday festivities, social events, and winter recreational destinations. C-store owners everywhere find themselves decorating their stores and offering holiday promotions in hopes of capitalizing on this seasonal phenomenon. However, the real reason customers choose to stop at one convenience store over another goes well beyond holiday trappings and decor. Research has shown that “after street price, cleanliness is the number one reason customers choose to visit a convenience store” (M/A/R/C Research). Have you considered the impact that the exterior cleanliness of your store can have on your inside store sales - or what the conditions of your restrooms say about your food service offerings? With the increase of on-the-go customers, restroom and forecourt maintenance programs are a great way to differentiate your store from your competitors. Clean stores sell more because a positive customer experience will drive customers from the pumps inside your store - but a dirty restroom can send them right back out the door - especially if that customer had interest in purchasing prepared foods. Getting your customers to come inside the store is a huge opportunity when you consider that *65% of your profit dollars come from your in-store sales. A dirty forecourt or restroom will leave a negative impression with your customers and prevent them from coming back. Not good! NACS/Coca Cola research shows that cleanliness is a core need for customers to feel comfortable about making in store purchases. The most successful retailers take this information and make cleanliness a top priority. The results... some have seen an increase of 15% or more in profits! If increasing the performance of your stores — and revenue — is your goal this holiday season, maintaining a clean store will get you there! A CAF representative is available to help you increase your customer experience. Contact us today!