Clean Maple Valley Program

Have you noticed graffiti within Maple Valley? Whether the graffiti is on private or public property, we can help! CAF Outdoor Cleaning has partnered with the City of Maple Valley and other businesses within the community to help rid Maple Valley of unsightly graffiti.

For any graffiti issues on private property, please fill out our electronic form here and CAF’s
clean up response team will be dispatched to the location provided to remove or paint over the defaced property.

Graffiti located on public property will be handled by the City of Maple Valley directly. Please visit their page here.

What happens once you submit a private property graffiti removal request?

  1. CAF will receive your request immediately and assemble a crew of volunteers to respond to your complaint at the address and location provided in your electronic form.
  2. Using donated supplies, materials, and time, volunteers will either remove the graffiti from your property (using VIVX – see links below for more product information – and other cleaning products when possible), or will supply you with a coupon to obtain the correct paint color for FREE from a local paint shop.
  3. Should you choose to pick up your own graffiti removal kit, you can do so at CAF’s location:

23175 224th PL SE, Suite G
Maple Valley, WA 98038
Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Looking for tips on how to remove graffiti yourself? Here are some helpful hints and tricks to vanquish graffiti on various surfaces.

Check out VIVX Graffiti Remover in action!

VIVX graffiti spray

VIVX graffiti scrub

VIVX graffiti removed
































In addition to VIVX, CAF sells a variety of indoor and outdoor cleaning solutions. Visit our products guide to find the right cleaning product for you!

CAF would like to extend a big THANK YOU to our community partner, Johnsons Home & Garden, for their donation and support with this project!

For additional questions and help, or to volunteer as part of the Clean Maple Valley Program, please call us at (425) 433-8277, Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM or email us at

Several sources (Family Circle magazine, 2011, How Money Walks, 2015, and ValuePenguin, 2016) have applauded Maple Valley as a great place to raise a family. Please help us ensure Maple Valley remains the beautiful, livable city that it is!