How to Clean Fuel Dispensers - EASY

Wipe away your most difficult cleaning challenge! Cleaning off hardened diesel can seem impossible and waste energy trying to remove. With new OTIS Wipes, one of the most difficult tasks just became the easiest! The following process will ensure a clean forecourt and is effective on eliminating diesel stains on dispensers, fuel pads, and garbage stains. For use on stainless steel, plastic laminate, rubber, concrete, painted metal, wood surfaces, cooking surfaces, and more. What You Will Need: Steps: Preparation
  • Remove entire lid off of OTIS container. Pop open the center cap on top of lid.
  • Gently pull the first wipe through the cap “loop” so that it pokes through the center of the lid. Reseal lid to the container.
  • Pull out one wipe through center hole.
OTIS Wipes Pics   To Clean
  1. Applying even pressure, use one OTIS Wipe to clean hard surfaces. For detailed cleaning, squeeze excess solution from wipe and then begin cleaning.
  luxss wipes
  1. Repeat using as many wipes as necessary.
  1. When you are finished, close the cap on top of the OTIS lid so the wipes don’t dry out.