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  • Is There a ROI Behind the “Customer Experience” Buzz?

    Is There a ROI Behind the “Customer Experience” Buzz?
    Emphasis on the improving the customer experience is at an all-time high.  But in a world where business owners want verifiable data to justify spending. Does spending money on customer experience make good business sense?  That’s what one research group set out to evaluate.

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  • How to Remove Oil stains from Concrete


    One of the most common questions from our customers is: How can I remove oil stains from my concrete? Although there are several claims to remove oil stains from concrete, there is only one that actually degrades the hydrocarbons where the others simply lift, absorb or move them.

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  • OTIS Surface Cleaner and Degreaser: An NSF Certified Cleaning Product

    You know from the title of this article that OTIS surface cleaner and degreaser is an NSF certified cleaning product. You might be thinking: What is NSF?

    NSF International is a not-for-profit organization that inspects and tests a variety of products to ensure that they meet adequate standards of safety. “Manufacturers, regulators and consumers alike look to NSF International for the development of public health standards and certification that help protect the world’s food, water, health and consumer products.” (NSF, About Us)

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  • ORUS Ultra: Windshield Cleaner Fluid for Squeegee Buckets

    There are thousands, perhaps tens of thousands squeegee bucket cleaners available. What do you use for your windshield cleaner? Hopefully one that doesn't put you on the peeved list...

    People are peeved!

    While stopping at the service station (yeah, they call them that but there’s no service  ) ok, “gas” station – while I was filling up the SUV I started to wash the windows. Looks great in the beginning, to do this however you need those window washing squeegees on a stick..... Here’s the peeve, can’t someone change the water out? Those buckets of OLD stinky smelly water are SO BAD you have to hold your nose while washing the window with their squeegees. This is ugly, and there’s no reason for not having fresh clean clear water that isn’t smelly. It’s bad, it’s ugly and it’s putrid; if that water drips or gets onto your hand while doing the windows you have to have it amputated and removed…

    Can you confidently say this squeegee bucket cleaner peeve was not about your service station?

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  • Need a solution for graffiti? Get VIVX Graffiti Remover!


    VIVX is your solution for graffiti! Although there is not technically a 'season' for graffiti, in the springtime and summer when the weather warms up, there is noticeably more 'tagging' on walls, fences, and just about any surface spray paint can be applied to. If you are a victim of graffiti, follow these instructions and watch this video demonstration to learn how to remove graffiti with VIVX:


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  • Chewing Gum Remover: No more sticky mess on concrete!

    Have you been looking for a chewing gum remover cleaning solution? Look no more! RADO+™ chewing gum remover is a safe and effective gum remover designed for use on many surfaces. The trick? Freeze it! That is right, RADO instantly freezes chewing gum for easy removal in all conditions.  Simply spray, freeze, and scrape away gum.  RADO leaves no residue or stain on the surface. Click here to view the RADO+ chewing gum remover how to video.

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  • Need Dispenser Shields? Try award winning SKINZZ®


    Dispenser shields are essential in the fight to combat equipment vandalism and general wear and tear that keeps your equipment clean and inviting. SKINZZ® protective shields maintain your brand, extends the life of your equipment, and will eliminate costly and avoidable maintenance worth hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. SKINZZ® hard-coat surface protects against vandalizing scratches, graffiti, acid etching, hard-water stains, and 98% of harmful UV rays.

    Want to know more?

    Quick Facts:

    • Quick & Easy Self-Installation
    • Customer Dispenser Shield Sizing
    • No Minimum Order Quantity
    • Protection vs. Equipment Replacement

    Since SKINZZ protective shields were launched in early 2013, they have been the talk of the fuel industry for the phenomenal job they do to prevent costly replacement of fuel dispensers and more. 2013 SKINZZ Highlights: NACS show attendees award SKINZZ® Protective Shields a 6th place finish in 2013 Cool New Products showcase. Click here to read the full article SKINZZ protective shields were highlighted in CSP Magazine's "Hot 100: The Top Requested Products of the Year."  Click here to learn how dispenser shields can protect your equipment SKINZZ effectively protects: 

    • Screen and displays
    • Glass area
    • Soft key and keypads
    • Indoor and outdoor surfaces

    SKINZZ protective shields are custom cut to fit any dispenser including Wayne, Gilbarco, VeriFone and many more. Visit our store to purchase SKINZZ protective shields for your dispenser today! For more information on SKINZZ and all of CAF Environmental Solutions complete line of outdoor cleaning products, visit our website: www.mycaf.com or call us: (888) 737-0025

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