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    PPT wins the 2017 Silver Flexible Packaging Achievement Award for Sustainability!

    CAF’s “ORUS” Squeegee Bucket Solution concentrate in a 5.25 pound “Box Pouch” created transformational results for both the marketer and the environment.  Relative to alternative competitive approaches that produce and ship pre-mixed liquids in blow-molded gallon jugs, CAF’s concentrate in a unique pouch, mixed at point-of-use, offers stunning financial results and environmental benefits for sustainability.  This retail unit significantly reduces production, packaging, and shipping costs while dramatically reducing the carbon footprint impact during distribution and the residual waste to the landfill.

    Orus Squeegee Bucket Solution    |    Product Information

  • Is There a ROI Behind the “Customer Experience” Buzz?

    Is There a ROI Behind the “Customer Experience” Buzz?
    Emphasis on the improving the customer experience is at an all-time high.  But in a world where business owners want verifiable data to justify spending. Does spending money on customer experience make good business sense?  That’s what one research group set out to evaluate.

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  • Outdoor Cleaning Program for C-Stores

    So, just who is CAF and what is this 'Outdoor Cleaning Program' they are so proud of?

    CAF was established in 2003 and quickly became the leading manufacturer of outdoor cleaning products for c-stores with the distribution of their innovative product, EXIMO waterless concrete cleaner.

    Since then, CAF has stayed atop the competition by introducing a full line or outdoor cleaning products. Your one-stop-shop has arrived! You can now purchase a complete outdoor cleaning program for our location in one transaction.

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