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I set of documents that help C-Store owners and managers clean their forecourt.

  • How To Easily Remove Moss and Mildew

    If you have an commercial ice machine, or coolers inside your store, or maybe you live in a high humidity part of the country where things just don't dry out very fast, then you've probably experienced moss, algae and mildew at your site.  There is an easy, safe and effective way to eliminate this.

    SPRAY&GO kills and prevents future growth of algae, mildew, mold, and moss on hard surfaces. Once treated with SPRAY&GO, the surface requires no pressure washing, scrubbing or rinsing. Just thoroughly wet the dry surface with SPRAY&GO and then forget about it. The elements (wind and rain, etc.) will slowly wash off the stain.

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  • How To Easily Polish and Protect Equipment

    One of the easiest and fastest ways to protect your sites equipment, save money and impress customers, is to polish equipment regularly, right after cleaning.

    Preventing Fuel Loss and Costly Repairs
    Breakaways were designed to prevent fuel loss and costly repairs due to drive offs. When a customer leaves the nozzle in their tank and drives off, the breakaway disconnects and stops fuel from leaking out of the hose. But what happens when there is cracking due to UV damage along the breakaway whip hoses that allow those breakaways to pull apart correctly? You guessed it... fuel loss.

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  • How To Safely Clean Oil from Residential Driveways

    Cleaning an oil stained driveway the conventional way not only takes time and energy, but has the potential to damage your concrete and harm the environment.  It also can bring the wrath of the Home Owners Association (HOA) down on you you.  So instead of wasting time and effort on pressure washing, or risk washing harsh chemicals down the drains, use the EPA recommended method of removing oil from the environment and use the following instructions for an easy, time-saving, eco-friendly alternative!  For Industrial purposes, click here.

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  • How To Prevent Squeegee Bucket Stench

    Give your squeegee buckets a “breath mint” and your customers a break! Use only glass cleaning solutions with active ingredients designed to combat and reduces the growth of odor causing bacteria and formulated with the highest quality cleaners to remove dirt, grime, salts, and other damaging particles from glass. Offering your customers a clean, fresh smelling squeegee bucket is something they will remember.

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  • How to Remove Soda & Other Sugary Stains from Concrete

    We all have probably experienced it before... you need to pump some gas, you step out of your car and.... step right into a sticky puddle of soda, or coffee, or, some other sticky substance.  Then, you walk around the back of your car to get to the pump, and what do you pass on the way?  The station garbage can... it may be empty, or even clean, but the concrete below is often a sticky mess as well.

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  • How to Protect Equipment from UV Damage

    After taking the time to clean equipment, go the extra mile and make it look even nicer for your customers by polishing it.  Polishing with PROTERO® does more than just shine and impress;

    PROTERO® adds a protective finish and can prevent future stains and damages. This process will remove everything from finger prints, smoke film, scuffs, dirt and grime, and prevent UV ray damage by leaving behind a non-oily, silicone-based film to shine and protect!

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  • How to Easily Fix Chipped Paint or Markings

    Fix Chipped Paint and Scuff Marks - No Mess, No Clean Up!

    Have you ever had a paint job ruined but it wasn't quite bad enough to justify breaking out the paint cans, brushes, tape, and tarps to fix it... or the hassle to clean them once your done? Not to mention thoughts of how its just going to get ruined again once you do.

    Painted surfaces are affected every day by weather, vandalism, site accidents, and aging over time. Things like canopy poles, island curbs, dispenser panels, skirts, and protective bollards near your pumps and store front can all show signs of damaged paint and scuff marks.

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  • How To Safely Remove Graffiti

    Vandalism isn’t something anyone plans to have happen, but when it does, it’s a pain to deal with, especially if there are city or county Graffiti Nuisance Ordinances requiring removal within a specific time period. Taking prompt, proactive steps to report and remove graffiti is the best way to prevent it from occurring again.

    Many methods use harsh chemicals to remove the residue but these techniques are harmful to the original surface and the environment. The following remedy is simple and will teach how to remove graffiti from wood, brick, paint without damaging any surfaces, and in an eco-friendly way!

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  • How to Clean Fuel Dispensers - EASY

    Wipe away your most difficult cleaning challenge!

    Cleaning off hardened diesel can seem impossible and waste energy trying to remove. With new OTIS Wipes, one of the most difficult tasks just became the easiest! The following process will ensure a clean forecourt and is effective on eliminating diesel stains on dispensers, fuel pads, and garbage stains. For use on stainless steel, plastic laminate, rubber, concrete, painted metal, wood surfaces, cooking surfaces, and more.

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  • How to Remove Oil Stains from Concrete (Without Pressure Washing!)

    Oil stained concrete is among one of the most prevalent eyesores found at c-stores, gas stations, or just even your own garage or driveway. Instead of attempting to remove these oil stains with harsh chemicals or pressure washing, here is an easy, eco-friendly alternative that is proven to be more effective and environmentally safe. Follow the instructions below to get rid of heavy duty oil stains on your concrete!

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