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What was the first Gasoline Pump and Service Station?

Answer: S.F. Bower sold his newly invented kerosene pump to the owner of a grocery store in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on September 5, 1885. Less than two decades later, the first purposely built drive-in gasoline service station opened in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Bowser’s invention, which could reliably measure and dispense kerosene – a product much in demand for half a century – soon evolved into the metered gasoline pump. Originally designed to safely dispense kerosene as well as “burning fluid, and the light combustible products of petroleum,” early S.F. Bowser pumps held up to 42 gallons. By 1905, the S. F. Bowser “Self-Measuring Gasoline Storage Pump” was known to motorists as a “filling station.” The original Bowser pump consisted of a square metal tank with a wooden cabinet equipped with a suction pump operated by hand-stroke lever action. Beginning in 1905, Bowser added a hose attachment for dispensing gasoline directly into the automobile fuel tank. The popular Model 102 “Chief Sentry” with its secure “clamshell” cover followed. With the addition of competing businesses such as Wayne Pump Company and Tokheim Oil Tank & Pump Company, the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana, became the gas-pump manufacturing capital of the world.

CAF Press Releases

10/9/2017 - REACT™ Fuel Spill Neutralizer

New Product Stops Fires Before They Start! CAF Launches REACT Fuel Spill Neutralizer to Replace Antiquated Methods for Responding to Petroleum Spills. (read more)

9/1/2016 - Cleaner Stores From Coast-to-Coast with 2 Newest CAF Additions

We are pleased to welcome two new sales managers to the CAF family; Deanna Altman, Sales Manager Southeast Region and Justin Clem, Sales Manager, West Coast Region. To know more about Deanna and Justin (read more)

7/12/2016 -  Caf FastTRACK Makes "Hot 100 Latest & Greatest New Products"

CAF FastTrack was recognized as #65 in Convenience Store Products’ annual list of “Hot 100 Latest & Greatest New Products.”! View the digital edition. We are featured on page 76.

4/5/2016 -  CAF Launches FastTRACK. FREE Online Resource Center for Retailers Improves Customer Experience

New website offers C-Store retailers free access to best practices, online tools and resources to improve customer experience through cleaner stores with ease.

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10/15/2015 -  CAF Products Voted NACS Cool New Products Top 10 Picks Three Years in a Row

For the third year in a row, convenience store retailers voted CAF Environmental Solutions as a "Top 10 Pick" in the NACS Cool New Products Preview Room.

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3/6/2015 -  CAF To Help Clean 80,000 C-Stores

The Asian American Trade Associations Council has selected CAF as its exclusive partner to help members raise the bar on cleanliness.

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10/20/2014 -  NACS® Show Attendees Rate ORUS® TABS and SPRAY&GO™ Cool New Products Top 10 Picks

For the second consecutive year, CAF Environmental Solutions has been voted by convenience store retailers as a "Top 10 Pick" in the NACS Cool New Products Preview Room.

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4/8/2014 -  Aaron Nelson Appointed National Account Manager for CAF Environmental Solutions

Nelson brings 7+ year fuel operations experience to CAF sales team. CAF is happy to announce Aaron Nelson has been named National Account Manager, and is the most recent addition to the CAF team.

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10/17/2013 - NACS Show Attendees Rate SKINZZ® and TOUCH UP™ Top Cool New Products

CAF New Products SKINZZ® Protective Shields and TOUCH UP™ Custom Paint Ranked 6th in NACS 2013 Cool New Products

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03/12/2013 - CAF Environmental Solutions Recognized for leadership in environmental sustainability

CAF Environmental Solutions has been awarded an EnviroStars? 5-Star Certification based on their sustainable practices and environmental leadership beyond their own facilities.

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03/5/2013 - CAF offers protective shield for outdoor equipment

Skinzz Protective Shields combat vandalism from scratching, paint, markers and more on expensive equipment such as fuel dispensers, payment terminals and outdoor promotional screens, says CAF, its manufacturer.

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03/04/2013 - CAF Environmental Solutions launches SKINZZ™ protective shields

CAF Environmental Solutions announced the launch of SKINZZ™ Protective Shields, a revolutionary new product to combat equipment vandalism and general wear and tear.

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