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Stores Must Improve Just to Maintain

Stores Must Improve Just to Maintain

C-stores must IMPROVE overall store cleanliness just to MAINTAIN current mystery shop and brand image scores! That's right! A recent study in the annual CSP/Service Intelligence Mystery Shop indicates that average mystery shop scores, across the convenience industry as a whole, are on the rise. "In 2012, the average overall score for mystery-shop participants was 85.2%. In 2013, that average jumped to 90.8%. It was 91.9% in 2014. The 2015 average rose to 92.5%" (http://www.cspdailynews.com).

With the increased focus on food service offerings, and subsequent need to elevate store cleanliness and the customer's experience, it comes as no surprise. As c-store owners look to food service to replace lost cigarette sales, they must compete not just with other c-stores, but also competitors like drugstores and quick-serve restaurants, for food service dollars. Whether it’s the attractiveness of sandwiches, the cleanliness of the restrooms or the state of trash cans at the pumps, an overall improved customer experience is a must.

Too often a customer’s only interaction with a brand is what they see and touch outside…

Your customer’s experience, good or bad, is shaped the moment they begin to interact with their surroundings. They immediately begin to make assumptions about the restrooms, level of service, and even the quality of food based on these touchpoints. Failing to see your site from their point of view could result in the loss of valuable in-side sales opportunities, and more importantly, loss of profit dollars!

At CAF, we know that a clean store is vital in keeping up with increased competition in retail fuel and essential to meeting demands set by customers who expect a “positive experience” when visiting your stores.

We have worked with many wholesalers and branded marketers to customize a program that help's their independent dealer network improve brand image scores, customer loyalty, and the amount of fuel they are selling, by implementing a successful, no cost, outdoor cleaning program.

CAF Outdoor Cleaning products are effective, easy to use, and save money. Bottom line... we want to help you improve your bottom line!  Want to know more?

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