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Why You Need Well Trained Employees

Why You Need Well Trained Employees

In business, all roads lead to the bottom line.  You might be thinking... "How can training my employees help my bottom line… isn't training an expense!?"  Training leads to more satisfied workers that can take on new responsibilities and work more effectively. Studies have shown that trained employees have higher job satisfaction and are more productive. Therefore, a well-trained employee is happier, and on average, is a longer tenured employee; both of which help reduce cost and increase profits.

Benefits of Training
Longer Tenured Employees:

According to a report by the NACS CCRRC, “*top companies investing in front line training average 72% longer retention” of employees.  This increase in tenure may reduce your employee churn by 25% per year, and a savings of approximately $10,150 in annual turnover expense.  What could you do with an extra $10k?
Source: NACS CCRRC, New Ideas for Retaining Store-Level Employees.

Well Trained Employees at Top Companies…

Know their purpose, expectations, and have higher job satisfaction

* Know why cleaning, or other tasks, are done a certain way, as demonstrated by their manager
Source: cstoredecisions.com 7/2014 “The Art of Training”

* Have well trained managers that lead the way in receiving and delivering training, and then ensure employees follow through with their assigned tasks correctly and on schedule

* Make the workplace safer for themselves, and their customers, because they are trained and have been given the right tools/skills to use at the right place and time. When it comes to cleaning, proper product safety training can save you tens of thousands of dollars alone in Worker and Customer compensation expense for slip and fall/workers compensation claims.  The average slip and fall claim per incident is about $22,000, while worker’s compensation claims average about $19,000.    Source: HSP Supply Inc. How Much Does a Slip Fall Cost?

Training Best Practices for Cleaning

Want to get more bang for your buck from training?Spending time training employees about cleaning and holding yourselves accountable to do it regularly, has a direct impact on the bottom line.  The data shows that Clean Stores Sell More!

* Managers set the example and participate in cleaning

* Ensure employees receive training, are assigned tasks, and are held accountable

* Schedule cleaning tasks for off-peak periods

* Break cleaning tasks down into smaller, more manageable assignments

* Consistently follow a schedule, knowing that when tasks are left undone, it will take longer to complete the task the following period

* Follow the approved company cleaning program and products

The bottom line is, that when time is spent providing good training to your employees, you save money. Everything from how clean the site is, to how  employees greet customers, will improve. Your customers will notice all of this, and in return, will want to return again and again to be greeted with a clean site and a friendly smile, all of which increases sales and profits.

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