Now Let's Raise Your ROI - Show Me The Money!

Let's say you have a c-store business. You need a consistently clean store and if it's not clean, like the store on the right, customers will most likely have a bad experience with your brand and most likely choose your competitors over you. And it gets worse, from just one bad experience a customer will tell between 9-15 people about their bad experience.

Research shows cleanliness as the #1 factor for customers in deciding where to shop, buy their gas or pick up a quick snack. And when surveyed 6 out of 10 customers said they will buy MORE at a clean store! This is even more important knowing that bathrooms too make up a large percentage of potential customers in deciding to come inside for food purchases. having a smelly, dirty and grimy bathroom influences food purchases and key customer experience.




For the 4th year in a row CAF Outdoor Cleaning made the Top 10 Products list for 2016!

OTIS Wipes is an all-purpose, heavy duty cleaner that reduces labor and saves money. OTIS Wipes is a powerful proven formula in a convenient, pre-moistened wipe. OTIS is NSF certified for food preparation surfaces, yet cuts through tough stains like diesel, grease, soda and coffee stains. Use OTIS on stainless steel, plastic, rubber, concrete, painted metal, cooking surfaces and much more. view OTIS Wipes

FORO is an all natural, waterless asphalt cleaner that uses bioremediation to clean oil and fuel spills, stops asphalt damage and continues to restore and harden asphalt. FORO can be used also as a preventative shield on new asphalt. FORO is a time driven solution that saves time and money over alternative repairs. view FORO®