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How to Easily Fix Chipped Paint or Markings

How to Easily Fix Chipped Paint or Markings

Fix Chipped Paint and Scuff Marks - No Mess, No Clean Up!

Have you ever had a paint job ruined but it wasn't quite bad enough to justify breaking out the paint cans, brushes, tape, and tarps to fix it... or the hassle to clean them once your done? Not to mention thoughts of how its just going to get ruined again once you do.

Painted surfaces are affected every day by weather, vandalism, site accidents, and aging over time. Things like canopy poles, island curbs, dispenser panels, skirts, and protective bollards near your pumps and store front can all show signs of damaged paint and scuff marks.

These chips and marks may seem small but they do not go unnoticed by your customers. The good news is they also notice once they're fixed.

Here is a quick, no mess solution for touching up those painted surfaces and helping your customers feel good about their visit. Happy customers now are repeat customers later.

What You Will Need:

Surface Preparation:

Clean and remove all debris, flaking paint, dust and dirt from surface before applying paint.


1- Before removing applicator cap, gently shake applicator to stir paint.

2- Always pretest color match of this product on a small, inconspicuous area before use.

3- Remove the cap and press the sponge applicator against the surface to be painted and squeeze bottle to start the flow of paint.

4- Apply paint evenly, using a dabbing motion.

5- For best results, apply multiple, thin coats, allowing sufficient dry time between coats.

After Use

6- Rinse applicator tip, and use a disposable towel to soak up water remaining in sponge. Secure cap for storage.

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