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Does your outdoor cleaning program Increase your bottom line?

Does your outdoor cleaning program Increase your bottom line?

Competition is increasing in retail fuel. Customers now have higher expectations and are searching for a “positive buying experience”. This is a higher standard, that continues to evolve, and one that needs to be addressed as retailers look for more ways to drive customers into their stores for food and other merchandise items. With these growing expectations, there are several ways in which CAF can better assist you in meeting your customer’s demands and gaining customer loyalty. Learn How CAF Can Help.. 

Outdoor Cleanliness Matters! 

Though the statistics vary by retailer, an average of 46% of your transactions take place outside of the C-Store at the pumps (NACS Magazine). These customers never have the opportunity to interact with your employees, purchase your great in store food offerings and merchandise, or notice your clean store interior.  If almost half of all customers pay at the pump, how do you create that “unique experience”?  Your pumps and exterior appearance act as the initial handshake with your customers. Studies prove what the managers and owners already observe… cleanliness is a key factor in why people choose one convenience store over another (Convenience Store News).


How does your store’s appearance stack-up against the competition?

CAF Products are effective, easy to use and save money.  As your cleaning expert, we will help you to improve your store’s appearance and, in turn, increase your bottom line!

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