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Are Your Dirty Gas Pumps Affecting Your Revenue?

Are Your Dirty Gas Pumps Affecting Your Revenue?

Dirty Gas Pumps will kill your snack sales. In 2013 one third of in-store revenue came directly from tobacco sales. But in 2014 tobacco sales are on the decline. When 64% of your profit dollars come from in-store sales, that lost revenue hurts. So how are you going to replace those lost dollars?

Smart C-stores are looking to fresh food offerings to save the day. If you’re like most c-stores, you have a wide variety of beverage options and great-tasting food items for customers to enjoy. The challenge is getting people from the gas pumps to the cash register (research shows that 56% of shoppers never go inside the C-store [NACS 2014]). If more than half of the people who visit your store never come inside, you need to do something different. “Converting the fuel purchaser to an in-store customer is paramount- and profitable- for convenience retailers. Simply put, motor fuels drive sales dollars while in-store sales drive profit dollars,” said Jeff Lenard in the March 2014 NACS magazine. What’s the trick to getting those shoppers (and their wallets) inside your C-store? We can help you get started.

The Power of the 1st Impression

If you walked into a restaurant and the person greeting you had dirty hands, would you feel comfortable eating the food? No way! Your customers are the same. If your gas pumps and forecourt are dirty, chances are they will NEVER come inside or become a loyal customer. Research tells us that after street price, cleanliness is the number one reason customers choose to visit a c-store (M/A/R/C 2009).

With the CAF Outdoor Cleaning Program, it only takes 15 minutes a day to clean up not only your dirty gas pumps, but the entire outside forecourt which will attract more people to come inside.

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