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How To Clean Trash Cans...Fast & Easy

How To Clean Trash Cans...Fast & Easy

While trash cans are convenient to keep garbage and waste on the inside, over time they can accumulate filth and residue on the outside (especially industrial bins.)  You've seen it, customers trying to slam their partially empty soda cup and missing, or pretending to be Stephen Curry by shooting their sack of fast food garbage over the car only to have it clank on the top of the garbage can and spilling milk shake.  We just shake our heads at this.  And if we can't get to it quickly on hot summer days, it seems to dry and harden instantly.

Here is an effortless way to clean the garbage stains and dried on drips from you trash cans...fast & easy without scrubbing or using harsh chemicals!

What you will need:

*  2 empty spray bottles
*  Permanent marker
* Cleaning rag or cloth
* OTIS Super Concentrate Cleaner

Preparation: Add three (3) scoops of OTIS to 32 oz. of water in OTIS marked spray bottle.

To Clean:
(Frequency - As needed;   Task Duration - 1-5 minutes per garbage can when used weekly

1- Liberally spray initial amount of solution to completely cover the surface, and soak the tough dirt and grime.  Apply again, using "jet stream" to help suspend the dirt and grime, allowing it to drain off.  Using the jet setting and ensuring that the entire surface has been covered with OTIS, will help prevent streaking.

2- Rinse with water.  For tougher stains, repeat steps 1-2.
(Tip: Mark a  different spray bottle with permanent marker for "WATER" and rinse will the surface is still wet with OTIS)

For best results, use a clean towel or cloth to wipe surface dry.


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