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  • Clean Up Your Act

    I officially became a soccer mom this fall when my nine-year-old daughter earned a spot on the local travel soccer team. I was initially thrilled by her ability to make it onto such a competitive team—and then I realized that the “travel” in travel soccer team meant some long drives every weekend.

    Her first game took us to Summit Point, West Virginia, nearly a two-hour drive from Washington DC.  we were warned ahead of time about the lack of restrooms at the field and were encouraged to stop along the way for a bathroom break. So we did just that somewhere along Route 340, about 20 minutes from our destination.

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  • Get the Brand off Your Back

    Is your Mystery Shop program a major pain in the “@#$”?! If so, you aren’t alone. Many other retailers feel your pain and believe there is a major disconnect between the Brand’s overwhelming expectations for them and the daily challenges they face.

    The truth is that mystery shops serve as a great way for you to get a fresh set of eyes on your store and to receive valuable feedback from an unbiased point of view about your customer experience. The mystery shopper’s observations are typically more aligned with those of your customers and embracing their feedback can prove invaluable as you strive to improve the customer experience at your stores. Continue reading

  • Removing Oil Stains From Concrete - 2 week time lapse video

    Watch EXIMO Waterless Concrete Cleaner completely remove this huge oil stain in just two weeks!

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  • 3 Easy Steps to Boost Your Image


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  • At CAF, sustainability isn’t just a buzz word, it’s how we do business.

    At CAF, sustainability isn’t just a buzz word--it’s the way we do business. From the ingredients we use in our cleaning products to the recycling bins at our individual desks, CAF lives by its motto: “Clean GREEN Smart”. We believe that it is the duty of businesses to Printoperate and develop in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. Forward-thinking companies understand that sustainable business practices have gone from being an aspiration to a necessity in long-term strategy.

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  • CSA Outdoor Cleaning Preferred Vendor!

    Convenience Store Alliance (CSA), the Phillips 66 branded retailer buying program, continues to support independent retailers by adding CAF Environmental Solutions (CAF) as the outdoor cleaning preferred vendor.

    With an average average of 71.5 percent of transactions taking place at the pumps, CSA believes that outdoor appearance is enough to drive or lose sales (Convenience Store News). M/A/R/C Research studies show that after street price, cleanliness is the number one reason customers choose to visit a convenience store (M/A/R/C Research).

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  • Why to go GREEN? Because your customers expect it!

    Being “Green” is no longer a revolution of the Green Movement—it’s a basic business philosophy that customers have come to expect. “Most U.S. consumers prefer companies that use environmentally-friendly products and practices, according to a recent Harris Interactive survey.” (Single Store Owner Magazine 03/2012). Therefore, being more environmentally conscious could give you a competitive advantage over your competition! If you need more incentive on why to go green.

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  • Does your outdoor cleaning program Increase your bottom line?

    Competition is increasing in retail fuel. Customers now have higher expectations and are searching for a “positive buying experience”. This is a higher standard, that continues to evolve, and one that needs to be addressed as retailers look for more ways to drive customers into their stores for food and other merchandise items. With these growing expectations, there are several ways in which CAF can better assist you in meeting your customer’s demands and gaining customer loyalty. Learn How CAF Can Help.. 

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    The practice of mystery shopping began in the early 1940's, as a way to measure employee MysteryShopScoresintegrity.Today, mystery shop programs create a scorecard for retailer’s operational performance. How do you measure the customer experience your retail locations offer your customers? Are the values and expectations of your organization and customers evident in the operational performance of your stores?

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  • CAF Recognized for Leadership in Environmental Sustainability

    CAF Green Team featured in local advertising for EnviroStars Program. CAF Green Team featured in local advertising for EnviroStars Program.

    CAF Environmental Solutions has been awarded an EnviroStars? 5-Star certification based on their sustainable practices and environmental leadership beyond their own facilities.

    CAF is the leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly and safe outdoor cleaning products. CAF follows key LEED® principles and provides cost savings, utilizing green technologies. Its products are used throughout the United States, North America, and around the world at commercial, retail and institutional locations, including many Fortune 500 companies.

    EnviroStars is a program that certifies companies based on their practices and policies that demonstrate commitment to protecting the environment by properly managing and reducing hazardous materials and waste.  Companies receive 2 to 5-Stars; the higher the rating, the more thoroughly environmentally friendly practices are built into the company’s policies and operations.

    Read more: CAF-Earns-5-Star-Envirostars-Certification

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