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  • No Oil Stains - No Pressure Washing - No Problem!

    Oil stains aren’t just a slip and fall hazard they are unsightly! Oil stained concrete is among the most prevalent eyesores found at c-stores and retail fuel stations. Worse yet… it can be costly to remove and thousands of new drops are left behind every month.

    EXIMO Waterless concrete cleaner is more than just a surface cleaner, it saves time and money over alternative methods because the microbes in EXIMO actually consume the oil and breakdown the hydrocarbons into harmless water and gasses. Which means it cleans better than pressure washing because it works deep into the pores of concrete, restoring its original luster and clean appearance.

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  • Customer Experience Starts at the Pump

    For years, convenience stores were considered one-stop shops aimed at quick refueling and low-end purchases. Nothing more than an easily accessible location to grab a few items and get back on the road without delay. Over the years, consumer expectations have evolved. Gone are the days when speed and convenience were enough to drive consumers to your door. Even the best loyalty programs and products promotions aren’t enough to lure would-be customers to spend money inside your store if the assumption of your food service program is shaped by their experiences out at the pump.

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  • We Get It! Maintaining Brand Image Demands is HARD!

    Are you struggling to maintain your Brand’s image expectations? If so, you aren’t alone! Independent retailers everywhere feel your pain and would admit that their they believe there is a major disconnect between their Brand’s overwhelming expectations and the daily challenges they face. Even the ones that don't are still struggling to maintain a consistently clean store!

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  • Hardened Diesel Stains? No Problem!

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  • 10 Ways to Reduce Costs by Lowering Your Operating Expenses

    In the new year are you looking for new ideas on how your retail business can reduce operational costs and improve its bottom line? There are several basic concepts that business owners, and managers, can implement to help their business become more profitable and succeed in 2018. Below are a few recommendations on how to do just that:

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  • Drive-In Winter Sales!

    Similar to Summer months, the holiday season too lends itself to a significant increase in traffic with consumers flooding to shopping centers, holiday festivities, social events, and winter recreational destinations. C-store owners everywhere find themselves decorating their stores and offering holiday promotions in hopes of capitalizing on this seasonal phenomenon. However, the real reason customers choose to stop at one convenience store over another goes well beyond holiday trappings and decor. Research has shown that “after street price, cleanliness is the number one reason customers choose to visit a convenience store” (M/A/R/C Research).

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  • Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

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  • Your Customer's First Impression!

    One of the filthiest surfaces that people touch on a regular basis are gas pump handles. This, along with a dirty fueling area outside, creates a visual representation to the customer of the care and quality they might find on the inside of a retail establishment. First impressions are the handshake that welcomes the consumer and encourages them to come inside to spend more. And for many, their customer's only handshake is with their gas-pump nozzles.

    What kind of handshake do customers have with your brand?

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  • Maintaining Brand Image Demands is... well, HARD!

    If you have independent retailers that are struggling to maintain their Brand’s image expectations, you aren’t alone! Wholesalers everywhere feel your pain and would admit that their dealers believe there is a major disconnect between their Brand’s overwhelming expectations for them and the daily challenges they face. Even the ones that don't are still struggling to maintain a consistently clean store!

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  • Stores Must Improve Just to Maintain

    C-stores must IMPROVE overall store cleanliness just to MAINTAIN current mystery shop and brand image scores! That's right! A recent study in the annual CSP/Service Intelligence Mystery Shop indicates that average mystery shop scores, across the convenience industry as a whole, are on the rise. "In 2012, the average overall score for mystery-shop participants was 85.2%. In 2013, that average jumped to 90.8%. It was 91.9% in 2014. The 2015 average rose to 92.5%" (http://www.cspdailynews.com).

    With the increased focus on food service offerings, and subsequent need to elevate store cleanliness and the customer's experience, it comes as no surprise. As c-store owners look to food service to replace lost cigarette sales, they must compete not just with other c-stores, but also competitors like drugstores and quick-serve restaurants, for food service dollars. Whether it’s the attractiveness of sandwiches, the cleanliness of the restrooms or the state of trash cans at the pumps, an overall improved customer experience is a must.

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